Pubg Mobile beta Download

PUBG Mobile has received some of the best updates in the past few months as the developers have surprised players with great modifications. In the previous update to PUBG Mobile 0.18.0, Tencent Games released an unexpected “ Miramar 2.0 ” map for the game.

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Update News:
1. Miramar Update
Additional resources have been added to the map, including items and improved graphics.
Added a race track and Golden Mirado to show off your skills in the desert!
2. Sandstorm
Prepare well to survive in the extreme climate!
A sandstorm theme is waiting for you to unlock in the lobby!
3. Cheer Park
Try out this chill 20 player area where you can chat, roast chicken, dance, and challenge each other!
4. Bluehole Mode
Are you in or out to try this new mode?