Endless Nightmare 2 APK – Latest Version 1.2.5

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The new Endless Nightmare game released! The story happens in a scary hospital in the new creepy horror game. James wakes up in the scary hospital, he is investigating the case that the people are missing in the Oak Town, dangers are everywhere in the scary weird hospital. What kind of weird and creeppy case will he encounter? Many evil eyes are looking at him. What creepy secret is hidden in the sacry weird hospital? James will take weapons to a contest between justice and evil this time!


* Exploration: Search the scary rooms in hospital carefully, collect the useful items and clues.
* Investigation: According to the items and clues you explored in scary rooms, solve free puzzles, find the hidden secrets of the creepy hospital and infer the truth.
* Hiding: Be careful of the dangers in creepy hospital, there are many scary ghosts everywhere. If you can’t beat them, please hide in cabinet and wait for them to leave.
* Strategy: If you meet the powerful boss, use your strategy to get rid of him.
* Attack: Knife and guns are added to the game, you can collect them to kill creepy ghosts! Of course the parts of guns can be upgraded, the weapon will be more powerful after upgrading! If you are not good at shooting, you can use knife to assassinate mad ghosts from behind. Weapons can pacify you and loss the horror!
Learning: You will obtain more skills by learning talents! It will greatly increase the chances of survival.

Game Features:

  • Exquisite 3D graphics style, and bring you a real horror visual experience!
  • Complex plots and case, use your wisdom and strategy to find the creepy truth!
  • Exploring with the first-person perspective, testing logical reasoning ability, and discovering the horror secrets hidden in the hospital!
  • Rich gameplay, talents, weapons, inference, battles, the game has everything you want!
  • Take up your weapons! You can show accurate marksmanship to kill horror ghosts!
  • Creepy music and sounds effect, please wear earphone to experience the scary atmosphere!
  • Progress can be saved, experience the real thriller!
  • Play without internet! You can play it everywhere!

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is an epic 3D popular ghost game. It contains horror items, ghosts with unknown identity, free puzzles rich gameplay and so on. You must discover the secret of the case and escape from the hospital. In addition to the exploration and decryption elements, the new popular horror game adds more new functions, such as talents, weapons, battles and material resources. You will meet more different kinds of ghosts in the game, and each ghost has his origin, you can find their identity from the game plot. Take the weapon, destroy the threat they bring to you and pacify yourself.

This 3D popular & scary horror game will give you a totally different experience of the reasoning and adventure. Exquisite art style, well-designed free puzzles and complex plots bring you a complete view of the game world. Two game works have a close connection, after experiencing the thrilling nights in James’ house, let’s take a look at the story happened before! Show your wisdom and strategy, infer the case according to the clues and items in the rooms, unearth the secret of the hospital rescue yourself and escape! Thriller starts now!



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