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Century of Sailing: 2022 – mobile project. This is a sea adventure featuring anime characters. Our task is to build a huge ship, only for this we need to get rich. This is done simply, you need to buy goods in one port and sell them in another. Since this is a smartphone game, swimming is done in auto mode, although you can take the helm in your own hands.
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February 23, 2022
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Century of Sailing 2022 is a mobile strategy game with naval battles and island trade as its main gameplay. Under the background of the Caribbean tropical style of the new century, a rich game experience such as gorgeous navigation, management, and combat has been developed.
This work is based on “”Age of Sailing 4″”, showing a magnificent new world of sailing for players and friends.

Features Of Century of Sailing 2022

Free adventure, explore seamless big world

A dream is an adventurer’s compass direction. Travel through the layers of fog, travel all the way in the vast ocean, and trigger various random exploration events; ride the wind and waves, experience the alternation of day and night, different weather changes, and overcome obstacles such as fire and disease; discover continents, accept local special tasks, and explore the love of different terroir cities …

Investment and trade, writing business legends

Courage is the wealth code of gold diggers. Between more than 200 cities, open up free trade routes, buy exclusive commodities at low prices and high sales in cities, earn the middle price difference, and gradually accumulate huge wealth; observe market dynamics and find business opportunities from price fluctuations; invest in cities and reduce tax rates to increase Profit and unlock more types of trade items…

Sail away, smooth the waves and obstacles

Fearlessness is the cornerstone of sailor victory! From the range of ships and warships of each camp, form your own characteristic fleet; transform and upgrade ship equipment, and enhance the strength of the fleet together with the navigator; follow the true logic of naval warfare, command the fleet to fight in real time, and defeat all enemies with heroic firepower!

Construction and operation, become the overlord of one party

Century of Sailing 2022 : Wisdom is the success of the operator. In the case of limited resources and rapid and comprehensive development, we must seek a favorable balance; through overall planning and careful management, we will continue to develop and expand our own port territory, unlock more buildings and technologies, and provide a solid foundation for going to sea and dominating the ocean!”

In the game “Century of Sailing 2022, you will transform into an admiral full of dreams and ambitions, marching toward the grand goal of dominating the seven oceans! In order to achieve this goal, you need to set sail with your dreams and explore the vast ocean maps and port cities.


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