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Download Build Master 1.250.204 APK and Trade, expansion, diplomatic exchanges and wars are seen everywhere on the vast land.
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Aug 5, 2022
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Build Master APK Download : Standing in the middle of nowhere, though besieged by the fear of the unknown, you are keenly aware that survival is the burning issue you have to deal with. Luckily, you’ve got a brilliant device able to turn soil into bricks. “Perhaps I can build a splendid kingdom with it.” You wonder.

Trade, expansion, diplomatic exchanges and wars are seen everywhere on the vast land. You must achieve your full potential to be the most prominent leader here!

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■Dig deep in the ground to collect soil, and turn it into bricks. That is how every single stunning building is made from the very beginning, like houses, farms, power plants, etc. Come on, let’s start with setting a camp as your safe house.

■As you keep exploring, you’ve learned you are not alone on this boundless land. However, they are here to grab land for their own good. To maintain and expand your territory, conflicts are inevitable.

■Here, there are also some creatures you’ve never seen before. For your own safety, establishing impregnable boundaries is a must.

■Given that there is no way back, you have to do whatever it takes to build yourself a sustainable food supply. A crop farm and a pasture would be perfect.

■You’ve fit yourself quickly and kept pushing your territorial boundaries. Your land will even flourish if you build more yet high-end facilities. You can even build yourself an army to safeguard your territory.

■With visible progress made with each passing day, your land will finally transform into a modern metropolis. And you, will be the above-none leader of your kingdom.