Top Battle Royale Games for Android in 2023

If there is a fashionable genre, that is, without a doubt, battle royale . This one-on-one formula where only one player can survive has become one of the most requested game modes by gamers. This made many developers look for creative ways to transform this idea, leaving aside the more traditional approaches a la Fortnite or PUBG Mobile . Today there are many mobile battle royale that try to offer something different, as well as others that seek to perfect the genre from its most essential form. In this article you will find an extensive list with the best battle royale for Android that you can play in this 2023 .

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Although it still does not have an exact release date , the new Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is postulated as one of the most recommended battle royale for mobile phones. It is an adapted version of its popular free-to-play battle royale. In it we will be able to return to Verdansk to star in tense battles to the death. In addition, it includes the progress related to the great installments of the saga, which will allow us to keep some skins, clothes and skills obtained with our account.

Top and best battle royale games for Android in 2023


Happy Zone challenges us to survive in a multi-room scenario where we’ll have to face other players and a mysterious green substance that will stick to the surface of the map. We’ll have a customizable arsenal to defend ourselves as we run at full speed trying not to get caught by the substance.

Free Fire Max game

A new installment of the world’s most downloaded video game for Android is something that generates anticipation. Free Fire needed a major update, and here we have it: better graphics, higher resolution and various visual effects that we can activate at will. Otherwise, the game remains the same, so we could almost talk about a remaster.

PUBG New State Mobile

PUBG Mobile continues to be a worldwide revolution that does not stop receiving content with each new season. New State is the saga’s long-awaited leap forward on mobile devices, going several years into the future to offer a new game map (named Troi) and a host of new weapons and customizations. After the success achieved with its long-awaited release, the title has just partnered with Among Us to generate a crossover that will be memorable.

Armajet mobile game

Armajet is different from the rest of the battle royales on this list because it is presented in a two-dimensional side perspective. Furthermore, it’s a multiplayer shooter in which we’ll control a super soldier armed to the teeth with the aim of finishing off our enemies before they do the same to us. Its frantic pace of play is set in competitive 4v4 blitz rounds that last just three minutes.

Fortnite Mobile Game

Fortnite offers us online multiplayer battles in which 100 players will take part in fierce fights for survival until only one winner remains. It is a mobile adaptation of the Epic Games game in which both the setting and the game system remain completely intact.

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions adds a very interesting element to the formula, the possibility of piloting giant robots that have fallen from the sky for a limited time, being able to speed up their appearance by picking up objects or eliminating other enemies. That incentive, along with its original anime aesthetic, makes it one of the battle royale games that has best stood the test of time.

Zooba Game for android

Zooba is an original twist on battle royale. Here we put ourselves in the shoes of a little animal whose objective is to be the last survivor of a warlike zoo. Depending on the species we choose at the start of the game, we’ll have some skills or others, although everyone can use firearms and tools they find along the way. It can be played alone or in a group with friends, and it has already become one of the most popular Android games for combining battle royale with MOBA mechanics (League of Legends style).

Cyber ​​Hunter game

Initially known as Project Battle , and after several limited betas launched throughout 2018, we were finally able to enjoy the final version of the game which, after several regional editions, gave way to the global version that can be played internationally without geographic limitation. Pure Fortnite spirit by being able to build defensive buildings.

Stumble Guys game

The best Fall Guys clone for Android might not seem like a battle royale to many. However, this video game has plenty of action and survival to relentlessly take you through hilarious events that will test your skills. Reaching the finish line in the top positions will be essential if you don’t want to be part of the group of characters that will be eliminated. Stumble Guys’ control system is so simple that you won’t be able to stop enjoying these addictive levels.

Knives Out mobile game

NetEase knows how to take advantage of the situation, as demonstrated by the half dozen titles of the genre that it currently publishes. Knives Out is as close to PUBG Mobile as it gets in production, offering exactly the original premise, with the added bonus of allowing for in-depth customization of the hub.

Cyber Space game

A world of cyberpunk aesthetics will come to your Android device to take you to exciting twenty minutes games. Leading in the footsteps of a brave character, equipped with state-of-the-art armor and rifles, in each heist you’ll join forces with three teammates to try to survive. A simple control system, the possibility to increase the size of the arms or legs and the excellent graphics will make you enjoy a great time in each fight.

Ride Out Heroes

Ride Out Heroes also bets on a hybrid formula inspired by Realm Royale by Hi-Rez Studios. Instead of offering a level playing field, we have at our disposal different characters with unique abilities. That, and its heady graphics and an aesthetic somewhere in between steampunk and epic fantasy make it a unique game.

Rules of Survival

NetEase also wanted to jump on the bandwagon with its Rules of Survival, which pioneered 120-player battles, even more than the original PUBG. In addition, its constant updates have loaded it with additional game modes that make it unique compared to other, more conservative proposals.

Outfire: Battle Royale Shooter

OutFire is a shooter in which we’ll get into a team of four players to try to destroy the enemies of the rival group. We’ll do this through scenarios full of elements in which each team will have a flag that they’ll have to protect while attacking the rival area. Battle Royale Mode: Fight to survive in this relentless multiplayer onslaught. Eliminate all your enemies and stay last.

Creative Destruction Game

Undoubtedly the most popular Fortnite clone on Android. The entire formula is closely replicated, including its seasonal upgrade system, destroying items on stage for resources, and building ramps and defensive walls. Of course, without the monstrous technical requirements of the epic title, which is saying.

Garena Free Fire

Let’s just say one thing: Free Fire – Battlegrounds is currently by far the most downloaded Android game on Uptodown with over 30 million downloads. If these credentials are not enough for you, mention that its technical requirements are negligible and it can run decently on mid-low range terminals, in addition to being regularly updated and offering a more than decent gaming experience.

Pubg Mobile Game

Of course, it was inevitable to mention the official title developed by Bluehole in collaboration with Tencent itself. It’s pretty much the same experience as its PC and console counterpart, including the original title’s maps and weaponry. In addition, it does not stop offering new content and collaborations as unimaginable as the Zombie mode endorsed by Capcom and its Resident Evil saga.

Heroes Strike Game on android

We finish with Heroes Strike, another hybrid between MOBA and battle royale . Here we control a character who will become more powerful as he destroys his opponents, unlocking new and increasingly devastating attacks. There are a total of four arenas to play in with a squad of over 20 heroes, each with their own abilities and roles.