PUBG 2.6 Update Date, Download PUBG Mobile APK+OBB The v2.6 update will be officially released in May 2023. This update will be a rich update for the game as it comes with a lot of features and events. Finally, PUBG players can download the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.6 which is the latest directly from the official website and also download the current version of the game through the links that we will provide you.

New Update 2.5.1

  • PUBG MOBILE’s 5th Anniversary is here! Imagination knows no bounds!
  • Use novel items to build a creative space in the new themed gameplay Imagiversary!
  • The first custom game modes are available for a limited time in World of Wonder! Experience a different PUBG MOBILE with loads of creative maps and gameplay!
  • New Jet-Boost Board skill brings you the joy of moving swiftly in midair!
  • Choice of over 1 billion players worldwide! Top-notch battle royale on your phone!

New update, BETA PUBG Mobile 2.6

PUBG will release 2.6 updates on May 16-17, 2023 for the global version. New update 2.6 comes with many new powerful guns, new weapons skins, map, events and various mode. Below you can check out all the expected features that you will see in the upcoming updates.

How to install Beta PUBG Mobile 2.6 for Android and iPhone

  • Download the APK file for PUBG Mobile Beta from below.
  • Now install the Pubg Mobile Beta version on your device
  • Give all installation permissions.
  • Finally, open the Pubg Mobile Beta version.
  • Log in with your guest account

Features of the PUBG Mobile 2.6 update

  • Bug fixes
  • New modes
  • New events
  • New skins and weapons
  • Update soon
  • Pubg Mobile 2.6 download link
Can we download Pubg Mobile Beta on iOS?

Yes, you can also download Pubg Beta on your IPhones and IPads. You can just follow my links and you can do it.

Pubg Mobile Beta 2.6 version size

Pubg Mobile Beta 2.6 version size is approximately 860MB.

Can we use Pubg Mobile Beta without VPN?

Yes, you can download it without VPN, also you can play this game without any VPN.

How do I participate in the PUBG Mobile Beta?

Participation in the PUBG Mobile Beta is usually by invitation or through an application process for a limited time. Developers may advertise opportunities to join the beta testing program on their official channels, such as social media or in-game advertisements. Interested players can follow these channels and apply to participate if the opportunity arises.

What is the purpose of the PUBG Mobile Beta?

The purpose of the PUBG Mobile Beta is to gather feedback from players and identify any issues or glitches that need to be addressed before the final version of the game is released.
Beta testers are expected to provide feedback on their experiences, including gameplay, performance, and any bugs or glitches they encounter. This feedback helps developers make improvements and fix issues before the official release.

What can I expect from the PUBG Mobile Beta?

As a beta tester, you may get access to new content, gameplay changes, and other updates that are not yet available in the regular version of PUBG Mobile.
However, it is important to note that the beta version may be less stable and may contain more frequent updates and changes compared to the official version, as it is still in the testing phase. You may also encounter bugs, glitches, and other issues that developers are addressing.

Can I play PUBG Mobile Beta alongside the regular version?

Yes, you can install both the regular version of PUBG Mobile and the beta version on your device. They are separate apps, and you can choose to run either of them depending on your preference. However, progression, items, and achievements in the trial version may not carry over to the regular version, as they are separate environments.

Can I share gameplay or screenshots from the PUBG Mobile Beta?

Yes, you can share gameplay footage or screenshots from the PUBG Mobile Beta, but it’s important to stick to any rules or guidelines set by the developers for beta testing. Some beta testing programs may restrict sharing of gameplay or screenshots to prevent spoilers or leaking of unreleased content. It is always a good idea to review and follow the instructions provided by the developers to ensure compliance with their policies.